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Improve your performances on League of Legends and become an accomplished player !

Discover our new personalized training programs based on artificial intelligence and increase your chances of becoming professional!

Train now

Beat your opponents and win more easily!

Thanks to artificial intelligence, Skillinked measures your performances on the Summoner's Rift and accompanies you with a training program, it helps you become an accomplished player in all aspects of League of Legends.

Take the best out of your opponents

Win your lane and master the best timings of aggression to convert your kills into victory!

Do not be surprised

In case of a difficult situation, learn to reverse the advantage of your opponents by punishing their mistakes!

Make the right strategic choices

Develop a superior game vision to other players and take all the map objectives at the best time !

How do our AI LoL Training programs work?

Becoming one of the best players requires a lot of training and concentration. Do you have the feeling that your efforts are not providing any results? Is-it hard to know what you have to improve?

Whether you are a novice, amateur or expert on League of Legends, our programs based on artificial intelligence help you to exploit your full potential through exercises adapted to your level.


Selects an objective by type of training (attack, resilience, vision). They can be done simultaneously or individually. This allows you to improve at your own pace on each strategic aspect of the game.


Launch your League of Legends game and compete against your opponents by trying to validate the different objectives offered by our LoL training programs.


Our algorithms analyze your game data in real time to verify the success of your objectives. It is necessary to repeat several times a performance to validate the achievements.


If successful, synonymous with progress in your learning, you unlock new objectives to achieve, which will allow you to progress without realizing it!

The first scalable training programs related to artificial intelligence !

Do you know what is the main mistake made by League of Legends players?

Players who want to specialize in a role before even knowing the basics of the game. But it's not their fault. This is the main tip given by the many tutorials and guides available on the internet. But it must be admitted, they are often unsuitable for you to progress.

Our only goal is to propel you among the best players.

That's why our first training programs are designed to help you master the fundamentals of League of Legends. They have been designed to combine sport discipline and experience with technological innovation. From now on, you do not train more with the "feeling" of knowing the game, but indeed on your real capacities thanks to the artificial intelligence.

Nearly 140 objectives are waiting for you.

They will help you optimize your goals such as Drake or Nashor, but also improve your farming without forgetting your ability to kill your opponents. But that's not all ! Our engineers are already working on new training programs allowing you to master all the roles of the game. But do not go too fast, and ...

Why would you use Skillinked training programs ?

Master all aspects of League of Legends
Visualize rapidly your progress on all aspects of League of Legends
Benefit from a simple and suited interface
Take advantage of complete and diversified challenges adapted to your progress
Designed with the help of professional players
Created with artificial intelligence

To achieve your goals and gain recognition from all players, you only have two things to do. Play. Trust our expertise

Frequently asked questions

We know how difficult and frustrating it is to pay for the services of a personal coach. They charge an average of 25 $ per hour and you do not have time to address all aspects necessary to your progress. We want to fix this problem and we are doing do our best to offer the most accessible prize to young players. With 10 $, it is possible to buy 2 champions or a skin on League of Legends, and now, a real training program to reach the highest level.

Your feedback helps us to regularly integrate new features into our programs. For major and complex improvements, we are on a pace of 3 to 6 months of development.

This is one of our many goals! But before, we want to focus on League of Legends to offer the best possible tool to our players. Once done, we will decline it on all the competitive games available.

The AI ​​allows us to recover all of your information and treat it optimally to help you in your progress. The possibilities are many, and it is thanks to this technology that we will improve, in the months and years to come, all your training programs.

Even a professional player always needs to progress, so our training programs evolve at your own pace. There is no definite duration.

Absolutely not ! Our League of Legends training programs are suitable for both beginners and experienced players, but you must play Ranked Solo / Duo games.

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